Asset Labels

Asset Tags & Labels for Property Identification. Durable tags for lifetime identifications of your assets. Ultra-durable aluminum or rugged polyester.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified & ITAR Registered

Asset Labels

Custom Asset Tags and Labels with Logo and Color

Asset Tags for Property Identification

Identify your property with asset tags to increase accountability, deter theft, and track status and information. Asset tags are available in a variety of materials to support your durability and longevity requirements. In moderate environments, Polyester and Vinyl Asset Labels provide an economical tagging solution. In more demanding conditions, Premium Anodized Aluminum Labels are designed to last the life of your assets. Sequentially serialized with or without barcode. Unlimited variety of sizes and colors produced with your custom design or select information.

Call for assistance in selecting the asset label that is best suited to meet your needs.

Barcoded Aluminum Asset Tags and Labels

Rugged Aluminum Asset Tags

Anodized Aluminum Asset Labels with durable sub-surface image. Resists the effects of heat, cold, abrasion, chemicals, and prolonged weather exposure, for decades of reliable service in the most demanding environments.

Polyester Barcode Labels with Logo and Color

Polyester Asset Tags

Versatile Polyester Labels provide excellent durability for a wide variety of environments and dependable property identification.

Void Indicating Security Label

Void Indicating Asset Tags

Discourage theft and false warranty claims with polyester void indicating labels. If the label is removed a repeating pattern of the word "VOID" is left


Destructible Asset Tags

Destructible Security Labels that cannot be removed intact. Discourage tampering and ensure that labels wont be transferred.

Full Color Vinyl Asset Labels

Vinyl Asset Labels

Vinyl Asset Labels are an economical labeling solution for a wide variety of applications where moderate durability is adequate.

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