Durable Barcode Labels

Rugged barcode labels made of durable materials to meet the demands of any environment. Aluminum, Steel, Ceramic, Polyester and other barcode label constructions. Custom designed to meet your needs - numerous options to choose from.

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Barcode Labels

Anodized Aluminum Barcode Labels (PhotoImaged)

Barcode Labels and Tags for every environment

Durable barcode labels designed to match the demands of use in your particular situation. Choose the label type to meet your needs. A variety of label materials provide performance to match the demands of your environment from mild to challenging. Barcode labels produced by Express are constructed of Aluminum, Steel, Ceramic, Polyester, Vinyl and other materials.

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist if you need a recommendation on what label will suit your specific barcoding needs.

Types of Barcode symbologies: The most common barcode symbologies in use today are Code 39, QR Code and UPC but there are numerous other barcode types, some with specific industry applications. Express can create your barcode label with any one of these many symbologies. The Express Barcode Guide gives an overview of many of these different barcodes along with description of what makes each one unique and the Barcode-Glossary provides detailed explanation of the parameters of barcode construction.


Aluminum Barcode Labels

Anodized Aluminum Barcode labels with durable sub-surface image. Barcode and graphics are photo-imaged, dyed and sealed within the anodic surface for extraordinary performance and extended durability in the harshest environments. Available in various thicknesses ranging from .003" thin to .063" thick plate.

Polyester Barcode Labels with Logo

Polyester Barcode Labels

DuraPoly™ Polyester Labels ›

Polyester Barcode Labels ›

Metalized Polyester Barcode Labels ›

Polyester Barcode Labels are a dependable and economical solution when extreme durability is not required. The label image is protected by an overlamination of clear protective polyester that covers the printed polyester base. Available with standard or specialty permanent pressure sensitive adhesives on rolls or sheets.

Steel Barcode Tags

Steel Barcode Labels

Stainless Steel Barcode Tags ›

Stainless Steel Barcode Labels ›

Stainless Steel Barcode Tags providing extreme durability and lifetime performance. Barcode image is etched to depth of .005” and filled with baked enamel paint. Survives for decades in even the most abusive environments. Available .020”, .030” and .036” thick with holes for mechanical attachment.

Ceramic Barcode Label on Stainless Steel

Ceramic Barcode Tags

Ceramic Barcode Tags provide the ultimate in durability in environments where acids, alkalis, and high temperatures pr esent performance challenges. Rugged borosilicate glass ceramic coating is fused to stainless steel backing to produce this premium product.

Flexible Vinyl Barcode Labels

Vinyl Barcode Labels

Vibrant colors and endless design possibilities for labels large and small. An economical label for use where extreme long-term durability is not a requirement. Excellent barcode readability on a premium vinyl with permanent pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

Cable Labels

Barcoded Cable Labels

Rugged and long-lasting with a unique Self-Overlaminating design to protect your customized data. Offered in a size for every cable diameter for permanent barcoded cable I.D.

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