Aluminum Barcode Labels

Anodized Aluminum Barcode Labels with Durable Sub-Surface Image

Bleeding Barcode Labels
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Anodized Aluminum Barcode labels with durable sub-surface image. Barcode and graphics are photo-imaged, dyed and sealed within the anodic surface for extraordinary performance and extended durability in the harshest environments. Available in various thicknesses ranging from .003" to .125".

Anodized Aluminum Barcode Labels with Sub-Surface Image

Achieve accurate and dependable data collection in the harshest industrial environments. Durable enough to withstand harsh chemicals, heat, cold, abrasions and prolonged exposure to extreme weather, these labels are made to last. Eliminate label replacement trouble and expense with barcodes that last. Experience barcode read rates that do not degrade with time and label abuse.

These labels can be produced in virtually any size or shape, with thicknesses ranging from .003” to .125”. All barcode images are embedded in the surface of the aluminum and sealed beneath the rugged clear aluminum oxide surface. This preserves the image and ensures that read rates remain accurate over time. We have a wide range of colors available and can add a logo or other graphics as desired.

Common Labeling Applications Include:
  • Machinery
  • Bins
  • Totes
  • Trolleys
  • Equipment
  • Shop Locations
Product Options
  • Artwork
    Designed to Your Custom Specifications | Include Your Logo
  • Material
    Aluminum | Anodized Aluminum
  • Image
    Sub-Surface Image
  • Thickness
    .003 | .005 | .008 | .012 | .020 | .032 | .063 | .125
  • Colors
    Any Color Combination
  • Data
    Multiple Barcode Symbologies | Simple or Complex Data
  • Attachment
    Holes for Mechanical Attachment | Numerous Adhesives Available

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