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Aluminum Barcode Labels

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Barcode Pallet Label

Durable sub-surface image for reliable identification and extended durability in the harshest industrial environments.

Aluminum Barcode Labels

Achieve accurate and dependable data collection in the harshest industrial environments. Durable Aluminum Barcode Labels extend automatic identification and data capture to the most demanding environments, so you can optimize your organization and track assets wherever they go.

Durable Barcodes

Durable enough to withstand caustic chemicals, abrasion, heat, cold, prolonged UV exposure, and just about anything else—these barcode labels are made to last. Eliminate the trouble and expense of barcode label replacement with a lifetime barcode identification solution. Barcode read rates do not degrade over time and withstand all kinds of label abuse.

Industrial Grade Labels

Express only uses premium anodized aluminum and proven manufacturing processes. Barcodes and graphics are first imaged within the anodic surface of the aluminum, then sealed beneath the clear aluminum oxide surface. As a result, sub-surface barcodes and graphics become part of the aluminum. This ensures barcode integrity and consistent read rates for lifetime asset identification.

Custom Identification

Express can produce Aluminum Barcode Labels in virtually any size or shape, with thicknesses ranging from .003” to .125”. Express offers a wide range of colors and can add graphics as desired.

Industrial Barcode Applications

Aluminum Barcode Labels are general-purpose identification labels suitable for any environment. A wide selection of specialty permanent adhesives are available for optimum pairing with the asset the labels will identify. Holes are also available for mechanical attachment. Common applications include:

  • Industrial tools, equipment, and machinery
  • Vehicles, trailers, trolleys, and forklifts
  • Shipping and storage containers
  • Warehouse bins, racks, and pallets
Product Options
  • Artwork
    Designed to Your Custom Specifications | Include Your Logo
  • Material
    Aluminum | Anodized Aluminum
  • Image
    Sub-Surface Image
  • Thickness
    .003 | .005 | .008 | .012 | .020 | .032 | .063 | .125
  • Colors
    Any Color Combination
  • Data
    Multiple Barcode Symbologies | Simple or Complex Data
  • Attachment
    Holes for Mechanical Attachment | Numerous Adhesives Available