Data and Art Submission

Our easy-to-follow Data and Artwork Submission Guidelines help ensure speedy and accurate order fulfillment.

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Data and Art Submission GuideLines

For best possible results in reproducing your artwork, please follow the guidelines below when selecting what format of file you will provide.

  Artwork Submission Guidelines

Preferred Logo and Artwork formats:

Other acceptable Logo and Artwork formats:

Incompatible Logo and Artwork formats:

Word (.docx), Powerpoint (.pptx), Excel (.xlsx), or low quality image files from websites. Do not rename original bitmap/raster files as .eps or .ai, as these will not render desirable results when reproduced.

Tech Notes: Vector versus Raster based images

Artwork is preferred as vector-based graphics (line drawings - .ai, .eps) as opposed to raster-based (bitmap/jpeg) images. While a bitmap image appears smooth from a distance, when viewed up close you can see the tiny individual squares and dots (pixels) that make up the image. Vector drawings are made up of graphical objects, consisting of smooth lines and continuous colors, and are resolution independent. When viewed up close or from a distance, vector drawings appear as smooth clean lines and edges. Vector images are easily scalable, and reproduce with the highest level of quality.

Reproduction Rights:

Customer warrants and represents that he/she is lawfully entitled to reproduce and copy the images or artwork ordered and has full authority to authorize us to reproduce and copy such images and artwork.

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