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Server Labels For Data Centers

Identification solutions for all data centers

Barcode Labels, Nameplates and Placards for Data Centers

IT technicians and data center managers worldwide trust Express for reliable data center and IT identification solutions.

Data centers can easily get out of hand, with numerous electronics and an interconnecting web of cables, ports, and servers. However, IT technicians can bring order to any data center with a proper barcode identification strategy. All barcode identification products are custom-designed to meet your identification requirements, with data integrity and read-rates that do not degrade over time. Human-readable, barcode, data matrix, and RFID identification help organize even the most complex data centers.

Barcode Identification Solutions

  • Wire and Cabel Labels
  • Cabinet, Rack & Port Labels
  • Building & Room Identification
  • Directional Indicators, Wayfinding Placards, and Signs
  • Instruction, Safety, and Warning Labels

Data Center ID Solutions - Barcode Labels, Nameplates and Placards

Data centers are the modern day nerve center of any business, institution, or government because of the constant flow of critical data across the networked communications infrastructure. Reliability and maximum uptime are absolutely critical to any data center operation. A comprehensive end-to-end labeling scheme implemented throughout the data center secures your networked communications by simplifying troubleshooting and the inevitable moves, additions and changes likely to occur over time. As part of a professional cable-management system, labels can accelerate tracing and initiate problem-solving measures and repairs as quickly as possible to avoid downtime. Lacking such a system, troubleshooting and cable tracing can be time-consuming and expensive for IT technicians.

Effective cable administration and management adds economic value for owners, as well as greater assurance of warranty protection. A well-documented installation is easier to update, troubleshoot and repair, which equates to lower maintenance costs over the life of the project and, ultimately, lower total cost of ownership.

Data Center Labeling Standard

  • ANSI/TIA-606-B Administration Standard for Telecommunications Infrastructure establishes the labeling and record keeping standards for telecommunications and network systems. ANSI/TIA-606-B identifies what network components need to be labeled and recommends an identification scheme and best practices for all electrical- and network-system data centers. The standard sets guidelines for record keeping, identification and labeling of key components of information transport systems (ITSs). It sets forth industry best practices on how to label wires and cables, cabinets and racks, network and security equipment, custom panels, electrical panels, faceplates, patch panels and punch blocks.

ANSI/TIA-606-B Labeling Principles

  • Labels should be logical and consistent across all data center locations, and match the project drawings. Identifier information should be referenced in permanent records, backed up and secured.
  • Labels should identify the all cables, connecting hardware, and associated physical locations (building, room, cabinet, rack, port, telecommunications spaces, etc.)
  • Labels should be readable, durable, and capable of surviving for the life of the component that was labeled. Labels should be resistant to the environmental conditions (such as moisture, heat or ultraviolet light) at the point of installation and should have a design life equal to or greater than that of the labeled component

ANSI/TIA-606-B Requirements

  • All labels must use a permanent identifier that can be easily traced. This scheme must be logical in its organization, using alphanumeric characters for ease of reference.
  • Each cable and each pathway must be labeled on each end, and each label should identify the termination points of both ends of the cable.
  • All labels must meet requirements for legibility, defacement, and adhesion, as specified in UL969.
  • Labels for station connections may appear on the face plate.
  • All jack, connector, and block hardware may be labeled on either the outlet or panel.
  • All labels must match the permanent record.

Best Practices for Data Center Labeling

  • Cable Labeling - label each end of your network cables and power cords with the source and destination, including any junction box interconnects. This will ensure complete physical tracing and make it extremely easy to locate and identify issues as they arise.
  • Server Labeling - label the front and back of all servers with the server name and unique identifier. This will ensure anyone can easily identify the server during repair or maintenance.
  • Storage Array Labeling - like server labeling, label the front and back of the storage rack for easy identification. Inside the rack, the control and disk shelves should also be labeled front and back. This may seem a bit excessive, but complete tracking will pay off the next time there’s an issue with a disk shelf or control shelf.

Proven Data Center Solutions

Barcode, Data Matrix, and/or RFID Identification

Asset Management Tags in Aluminum, Polyester, RFID or High-Security Materials

  • Paired Labels (2 copies each) for labeling both ends of cables or fronts and backs of servers
  • Cage Tags
  • Cable Labels for Power, Server, and Audiovisual Cables
  • Device, Switch, and Port Identification
  • Control and Disk Shelf Labels

Location Identification & Wayfinding Signage

  • Server, Rack, and Storage Array Identification
  • Location (Column) and Wayfinding Signs
  • Piping and Electrical Conduit Identification

Access Control RFID Transponders

  • Vehicle Hang Tags
  • RFID for Electronic Access Control

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