Data Centers

Identification Products

Barcode Identification for Data Centers

Data centers can easily get out of hand, with numerous electronics and an interconnecting web of cables, ports, and servers. However, IT technicians can bring order to any data center with a proper identification strategy.

Express identification products are custom-designed to meet your identification requirements, with data integrity and read-rates that do not degrade over time. Human-readable, barcode, data matrix, and RFID identification help organize even the most complex data centers.

Proven Data Center Identification Solutions

  • Barcode, Data Matrix, or RFID Identification
  • Paired Labels (2 copies each) for labeling both ends of cables or fronts and backs of servers
  • Cage Tags
  • Cable Labels for Power, Server, and Audiovisual Cables
  • Device, Switch, and Port Identification
  • Control and Disk Shelf Labels
  • Server, Rack, and Storage Array Identification
  • Location (Column) and Wayfinding Signs
  • Access Control RFID Transponders


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