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Identification Products

Express is a leading manufacturer of barcode identification products for schools, universities, and educators worldwide.

Durable barcode identification labels and tags are designed to withstand the demands faced by books, computers, and other school assets. All Express products are designed to last the life of the underlying asset, with guaranteed data integrity and read-rates that do not degrade over time. Barcode and data matrix technology allow you to track school assets and collect data with confidence.

Barcode Identification Solutions

  • Classroom and Office Asset Identification
  • Directional Indicators, Wayfinding Placards, and Signs
  • Destructible Security Labels
  • Void-Indicating Theft-Deterrent Labels
  • Instruction, Safety and Warning Labels

Education ID Solutions - Barcode Labels, Nameplates and Placards

Since our beginning in 1984, Express has specialized in products for demanding environments, and we have products that can stand up to the challenges a school can provide.  In particular, our sub-surface anodized aluminum tags – available in black on natural or in full 4-color process to highlight your logo – have the surface hardness comparable to sapphire (a Mohs rating of 9) protecting the imaging.  With attachments methods of the best 3M® adhesives, holes for rivets or screws, or both, these tags will stay where you put them.

Express provides the full spectrum of identification products that you may need for your educational institution.

Asset management tags for office and classroom equipment

  • Available in Aluminum, DuraPoly™ Polyester, Vinyl, or High Security Materials, depending on your situation and requirements

Parking & access control tags for personnel and property security

  • Polycarbonate hang tags are custom-designed and printed with any color combination, logo, text, or barcode symbology
  • RFID Access tags for electronic controls for parking and building access

Warehouse Management tags  improve efficiencies in district or university supply chains

  • Color-Coded, Multi-Level, and Directional Indicators
  • Adhesive-Backed for Permanent Locations, or Magnetic-Backed for Relocation
  • Long-Range Hanging Placards with Retroreflective Readability
  • Industrial Durability

Location Identification and Wayfinding signage helps ensure  students, staff and visitors can easily navigate campus

  • Indoor and Outdoor Signage
  • Directional Placards

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