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RFID Pass Credentials

Rear view mirror parking hang tags

RFID Access Control

13 foot read range.

Detailed graphics and custom design make these RFID Credential Tags the ideal identification solution for RFID access control. RFID badges and cards are perfect for a key chain, lanyard, or employee identification. Works great in conjunction with other RFID Access Control products for a complete access control solution. These tags are sub-surface printed for exceptional durability. Made from a variety of durable, permanent materials, the actual construction of the tag protects the tag by sealing it within the polyester material. In addition, each tag can be printed on both sides and programmed to match the variable information printed on the label.


  • Sub-surface printed
  • Best for indoor or outdoor use
  • Lifetime durability
  • Custom design


  • Event access
  • Access control
  • Emplyee ID badges
  • Warehouse ID
  • Ingress/egress control

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Product Options
  • Material
    Polyester | Polycarbonate
  • Thickness
    .040" | .050"
  • Image
    Image Printed on Underside
  • Colors
    Any Color Combination
  • Data
    Barcode + RFID
  • Attachment
    Various Hole Patterns Available
  • Artwork
    Include Your Logo
  • Dimensions
    2.125" x 3.75" | 2.5" x 4.125" | 3" x 5"
  • RF Protocol
    UHF, EPC Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C)
  • IC Type
    Alien Higgs 3 | NTAG 213 | SLIX
  • User Memory
    512 bit | 64 bit
  • EPC Memory
    96 bit
  • Operating Frequency
    902 - 928 MHz (U.S.) | 865 - 868 MHz (EU) | 13.56 MHz
  • Read Range
    13 feet