Rugged RFID Tags for Harsh Environments


Rugged RFID Labels & Tags for Tracking Industrial Assets

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Rugged RFID Tag

Extra Durable RFID Tag

Sturdy RFID tag optimized for years of service in harsh environments.

Rugged RFID Tag

Extra Durable Junior RFID Tag

Rugged construction for years of service in harsh environments with a smaller footprint.

Rugged Rfid Tag

Extra Durable RFID Twin Tag

This rugged RFID tag is your solution to complete and accurate RTI pallet tagging.

Rugged Rfid Tag

Metal-Mount RFID Tag

Extra Durable Metal-Mount RFID Tags provide dependable readability without metal interference. Metal mounting augments signal strength for improved performance.

Rugged RFID Tag

Metal-Mount High Temp RFID Tag

Small form factor rugged RFID tag engineered to withstand industrial environments

Polyester RFID Tag

All Purpose Indoor RFID Tag

Economical, multi-surface UHF tag for general asset tagging in indoor environments.

Polyester RFID Tag

All Purpose Indoor Jr RFID Tag

Low profile mount on metal UHF tag perfect for use on IT assets such as equipment and servers in data centers.

Polyester RFID Tag

Polyester RFID Tag LP-740

RFID Encoded and Barcode Printed Ready to use.

Polyester RFID Tag

Polyester RFID Tag LP-1000

RFID Encoded and Barcode Printed — Ready to use.


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I just wanted to let you know that the labels arrived in a timely matter and they looked great! I just wanted to express my thanks to you for the outstanding job that you did in making things happen in such a short window.

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Previous supplier really bungled our UID Label order. You guys got it right and delivered in one day. Wow! Thanks a million.

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I am impressed! Thanks for the fast service.

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We will let you know if we ever need anything else.  Ya'll have been great!

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We got the labels and everyone here really likes the quality and appearance of them.  I'm working on another order for you of the UID labels and will have that data out next week.  Thanks!

—Greg H.

I have to say you are all so easy to deal with at Express, it really is a pleasure doing business with you!!!

—Sandy L.

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