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Low-Profile RFID Tags (Small)

RFID for every environment

Low profile mount on metal UHF tag perfect for use on IT assets such as equipment and servers in data centers.

All Purpose Indoor Jr RFID Tag

The API Jr. RFID tag is a low-profile, small footprint, mount-on-metal tag that easily fits where other tags may be either too large or obtrusive. This tag is perfect for IT assets such as networking equipment and servers in data centers.

The construction of this tag is inherently durable and perfect for use in many warehouse and manufacturing environments, but we also have a high temperature/high impact option available for upgrade. It is attached to the asset with a high performance acrylic adhesive backing. This tag has a read range of 8-10 feet on metal surfaces.

The most common barcode symbologies included on our RFID tags are Code 39 and DataMatrix, but we can customize the tags with any barcode you need. Barcodes are durable and designed to provide attractive and serviceable identification for the full life of the RFID tag. Similarly, the Human Readable component can contain whatever information you desire, whether a simple reiteration of the coding in the tag, or your company name, logo, or other information. Your RFID tag will be encoded with data you specify, and can be in either Hex or in ASCI. Encoding may be sequential or random from your data file. Encoding can be straight numeric or alpha-numeric and may contain up to 24 data characters.

Common Applications:
  • Metal containers
  • IT assets
  • Laboratory equipment management
  • Work in progress
  • Weapons management

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Product Options
  • Dimensions
    1.43 x 0.43 x 0.11
  • IC Type
    Alien Higgs 3
  • User Memory
    512 bit
  • EPC Memory
    96 bit
  • Operating Frequency
    902 - 928 MHz (U.S.)
  • Read Range
    8-10 feet
  • Image
    Image Printed on Underside
  • Colors
    Full Range of 4-Color Process
  • Data
    Barcode + RFID
  • Artwork
    Include Your Logo
  • Material
  • Attachment
    Pressure-Sensitive Acrylic Adhesive Backing
  • Ingress Protection (IP) Classification