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Destructible Vinyl Labels

Destructible Asset Label
Destructible Asset Label
Destructible Asset Label
Destructible Asset Label

Custom tamper proof stickers

Security labels that cannot be removed without being destroyed. For use in situations where it is critical that labels are not re-used.

Destructible Vinyl Barcode Labels

Protect against tampering with tamper-evident destructible vinyl barcode labels. These unique security labels are perfect for applications where you do not want a label removed from the surface to which the label was applied. The destructible barcode label has a premium permanent pressure sensitive adhesive backing. The label sticks aggressively and permanently to the item labeled until someone attempts to remove the label. Then the label fragments to pieces it cannot be removed whole. Ideal for security situations where label transfer must be avoided. These custom barcode labels are available in any size or shape and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

  • Secure access points and assure integrity of assigned identification
  • Tamper-proof construction deters removal and unauthorized use
  • Impossible to re-use after removal
Product Options
  • Thickness
  • Artwork
    Designed to Your Custom Specifications | Include Your Logo
  • Material
    White Vinyl
  • Colors
    Any Color Combination
  • Data
    Multiple Barcode Symbologies | Serialization Available
  • Attachment
    Premium Permanent Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive