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Transportation & Logistics

Identification Products

Express identification products facilitate strategic asset management through the most complex supply chains—from production lines, to end users.

All barcode labels are custom-designed to meet your identification requirements, and are durable enough to withstand any environment—from storage docking facilities, to shipping containers on ocean freighters. With data integrity and read-rates that do not degrade over time, barcode, data matrix, and RFID technology allow you to track inventory through any supply chain.

Barcode Identification Solutions

  • Monitor Real-Time Logistics and Statistics
  • Track the Location, Condition, and Quantity of Inventory
  • Run Efficient Cross-Docking
  • Manage Resources and Protect Critical Assets
  • Compliant with Federal Regulations and Industry Standards

Transporters & Carriers — Barcode Labels, Nameplates and Placards

Efficient supply chains rely on highly effective logistic and distribution processes to keep inventory moving. Barcode labels and RFID tags from Express optimize this process and help meet your warehouse and distribution center requirements, receive, route, cross-dock, re-label, and control inventory throughout your entire supply chain.

Supply Chain Management Best Practices

  • Integrate everything - comprehensive system and process integration is critical in the digital age and can facilitate real-time information sharing and communication throughout the supply chain
  • Invest in technology - a host of new supply chain management systems leverage automatic data capture technology and provide full supply chain transparency
  • Leverage your data - a fully-integrated and technologically-equipped supply chain provides real-time data that drives smarter decision-making and improves business performance

Benefits of Barcode Integration

  • End-to-end predictive visibility – over-the-road, ocean, drayage & rail, and parcel
  • Implement a full end-to-end, over-the-road tracking system
  • Calculate predictive measurements such as arrival time, transport time, and transport delays
  • Yard management – reduce inventory shrinkage and minimize product loss through real-time visibility of all assets
  • Comprehensive supply chain visibility – from origin to port, plant, distribution center, and store
  • Tighten inventory management – reroute shipments in real-time based on weather, traffic, and changes in demand
  • Deliver superior customer service – confirm deliveries and notify customers in advance of any potential supply chain issues
  • Full traceability to verify conditions and treatment of cargo throughout transportation stages

Express Capabilities

  • Variable Data - human-readable, linear barcode (Code 39, Code 128), 2D barcode (DataMatrix & QR Code), and RFID
  • Substrates - aluminum, stainless steel, brass, ceramic, polyester, polycarbonate, vinyl
  • Adhesives - full selection of premium 3M adhesives, including pressure sensitive permanent, all temperature permanent, removable, and specialty adhesives for specific environments (i.e., freezer compliant, high tack, water soluble, etc.)
  • Capabilities include custom holes, perforations, cuts, and slits for ease of label removal

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