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UL Labels - CSA Labels

UL Labels - CSA Labels

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UL & CSA Label Solutions

Our 30+ years of experience manufacturing product identification labels, combined with our authorization to produce labels bearing your Underwriters Laboratories registration mark assure that your labeling requirements will not only comply with UL recognized component label requirements, but also fully meet your product labeling needs. Your UL® mark can be produced on any of Express' substrates, including metal, polyester, vinyl, aluminum, and lexan to fully comply with UL 969 and CSA C22.2 No. 0.15 requirements.

UL 969 – UL Marking and Labeling Systems Requirements

  • UL 969 covers adhesive and in-mold labels or markers used to communicate permanent product information or instructions. These labels or nameplates are applied to finished devices, appliances, or equipment and include rating information, instructions, or schematics. The standard outlines specific criteria regarding label permanence, label legibility, and test procedures required to determine UL compliance. UL recognized component label elements include safety information (warning, caution, attention, etc.), technical product information (50w, 750Hz, etc.), and information required by the UL standard for the product category

CSA C22.2 No. 0.15 – Adhesive Label Requirements

  • Canadian Standards Association C22.2 No. 0.15 covers the performance requirements of labels used for products evaluated to CSA standards. This standard applies to permanent adhesive labels and nameplates intended for use indoors or outdoors on substrates that are essentially clean, smooth, flat, or simple curved. It has a similar scope to UL 969 and also covers testing procedures and performance requirements of labels. However, the CSA and UL standards are not harmonized, and the test methods, conditions, and performance requirements presented in the standards differ.