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Telephone Pole Tags

Lifetime identification for gas, water, and electric utility assets

Exceptionally durable telephone pole tags. Excellent readability and superior resistance to abrasion, chemicals, weather, and UV radiation.

Acrylic Telephone Pole Tags

Identify telephone, utility, and distribution poles with tags designed to withstand years of exterior exposure and remain readable for the life of your telephone pole. The pole tag’s durable acrylic image endures harshest winter and summer conditions. Custom designed with 3M adhesive, holes, or aluminum nails for attachment to metal or wood telephone poles.

Durable enough to withstand the harshest environments:
  • Prolonged exposure to UV radiation—up to 30+ years outdoor lifetime
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Caustic chemicals and solvents
  • Repeated abrasion
  • Moisture and salt spray
  • Multiple freeze/thaw cycles

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