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Aluminum Barcode Pallet Labels

Aluminum Pallet Label
Aluminum Pallet Label
Aluminum Pallet Label
Aluminum Pallet Label

Barcode Labels for Warehousing

Permanent Pallet Identification with Aluminum Barcoded Pallet Labels

Aluminum pallet labels are an attractive and functional solution for reusable pallets, bins, and totes. Achieve accurate and dependable data collection without misreadings, and with read rates that do not degrade with time. Made of rugged aluminum with durable sub-surface image that lasts in even the harshest industrial environments.

These pallet labels can be designed to your exact specifications, in virtually any size or shape. We have a wide variety of 3M® brand adhesives available to provide the optimum bond to your attachment surface. We can also produce the labels with holes for mechanical attachment, if desired.

Order customized aluminum barcode pallet labels that suit your facilities and align with your processes.

  • Featuring barcode symbologies for sure and dependable readability
  • Come in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses to meet your needs
  • Can be color coded if desired
Product Options
  • Artwork
    Designed to Your Custom Specifications
  • Material
    Anodized Aluminum
  • Image
    Sub-Surface Image
  • Thickness
    .020 | .032
  • Colors
    Black Image, Natural Background | Color Optional
  • Data
    Multiple Barcode Symbologies | Simple or Complex Data
  • Attachment
    Holes for Mechanical Attachment