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Long-Range Barcode Placards

Long Range Barcode Sign
Long Range Barcode Sign
Long Range Barcode
Long Range Barcode
Warehouse sign with numbers

Hanging long-range warehouse placards scan from distances up to 50 feet. Solves challenges of difficult-to-label stock locations and are highly visible from many angles.

Hanging Placards for Long-Range Barcode Identification

Solve challenges of difficult-to-label stock locations. Scan barcodes from distances up to 50 feet! Ideal for warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing facility. Backed with rigid high impact styrene .060" thick and finished with suspension holes. Available in a variety of sizes.

Highly Visible from Many Angles

Manufactured with specially formulated vinyl material containing multiple layers of micro-prismatic glass beads encapsulated within the material surface. These glass beads create a lens structure that receives, then amplifies the reflected strength of a barcode scanner beam, returning an enhanced signal to the scanner, enabling high performance reading. Light enters each formed bead and reflects between three surfaces before emitting in a path directed back in the direction from which it came. These labels perform exceptionally well from extreme distances and from varied angles.

Long Range Label Design

Ask our staff to provide you a long-range barcode density test placard to test and determine the optimum barcode density for use in your particular application.The test placard contains a variety of densities of barcodes ranging from 20 mil to 100 mil x dimension. Test this placard with your scanning device to determine optimum design configuration of your label and achieve best performance in your environment.

Placards are produced with mounting holes and can be used either suspended from ceiling or mounted on racks, etc. Suspended placards often incorporate a bend in the backing to provide the optimum angle for reading. Placards can be manufactured either as single sided or double sided as desired.

Product Options
  • Material
    Retro-Reflective Vinyl
  • Attachment
    High-Impact Styrene Backing
  • Thickness
  • Colors
    Full Range of Standard Colors
  • Data
    Code 39 Barcode
  • Finish
    Clear Protective Overlaminate