Barcode Labels

Rugged Barcode Labels Aluminum, Steel, Ceramic, Polyester, and Vinyl

Barcode Labels

Reliable barcode identification for every environment

Express' durable barcode labels and tags are designed to withstand the most demanding industrial environments. Choose from a variety of substrates to meet your needs. Reference Express' Barcode Guide and Barcode-Glossary for guidance on barcode symbologies.


Aluminum Barcode Labels

Anodized Aluminum Barcode labels with durable sub-surface image. Barcode and graphics are photo-imaged, dyed and sealed within the anodic surface for extraordinary performance and extended durability in the harshest environments. Available in various thicknesses ranging from .003" to .125".

BArcode Label

Polyester Barcode Labels

Polyester Barcode Labels are a dependable and economical solution when extreme durability is not required. The label image is protected by an overlamination of clear protective polyester that covers the printed polyester base. Available with standard or specialty permanent pressure sensitive adhesives on rolls or sheets.

Pirelli Barcode

Steel Barcode Labels

Stainless Steel Barcode Tags providing extreme durability and lifetime performance. Barcode image is etched to depth of .005” and filled with baked enamel paint. Survives for decades in even the most abusive environments. Available .020”, .030” and .036” thick with holes for mechanical attachment.

Ceramic Barcode

Ceramic Barcode Tags

Ceramic Barcode Tags provide ultimate durability against acids, alkalis, and high temperatures. A rugged borosilicate glass ceramic coating is fused to a stainless steel backing to produce this premium product.

Cable Labels

Barcode Cable Labels

Rugged and long-lasting with a unique self-overlaminating design to protect your customized data. Offered in sizes for every cable diameter for permanent cable identification.


Vinyl Barcode Labels

Vibrant colors and endless design possibilities for labels large and small. An economical label for use where extreme long-term durability is not a requirement. Excellent barcode readability on a premium vinyl with permanent pressure sensitive adhesive backing.


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Previous supplier really bungled our UID Label order. You guys got it right and delivered in one day. Wow! Thanks a million.

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We will let you know if we ever need anything else.  Ya'll have been great!

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We got the labels and everyone here really likes the quality and appearance of them.  I'm working on another order for you of the UID labels and will have that data out next week.  Thanks!

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I have to say you are all so easy to deal with at Express, it really is a pleasure doing business with you!!!

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