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Order Process

When an order has been received the Pre-Production process begins and a proof is generated for your approval prior to production. This process involves:

  • Express reviews all details of your order including Product Design, Variable Data, Shipping Instructions, and any Specific Quality Instruction.
  • Express prepares graphic layout and data management if applicable.
  • Express produces a Proof and Confirmation package which contains:
    Proof to Illustrate the Product
    Number Sequence Confirmation (if applicable)
    Statement of Bill to & Ship to instructions
  • Customer reviews the Confirmation package and returns to Express as OK to produce, indicates any desired changes.
  • Express schedules anticipated ship date and begins production.
Order Confirmation

The order confirmation represents more than just a reiteration of your purchase order. In preparing the Confirmation, Express completes all necessary pre-production work, including creating graphics files, production planning, preliminary scheduling, material resource planning, credit review, preparation of tooling, work orders, etc. This is a detailed and involved process. By completing all pre-production work before Confirmation, Express is able to begin production immediately upon receipt of the signed Confirmation. This process enables Express to provide the best possible order turnaround.

Price Validity

Unless otherwise indicated, Price Quotations are valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

Quantities and Alterations

Price Quotations are for indicated quantities only. Any reduction of quantity may require re-quotation. Any variation of order specifications may require re-quotation. Express reserves the right to modify quotations if any specifications or material details are miscommunicated to Express or omitted from the request for pricing.

Order Procedure

When Express receives your Purchase Order, we will begin preparing a Confirmation. The Confirmation restates the details of your order, such as label size, gauge and numbering, and includes artwork to show you what the product will look like. We cannot complete and send you the Confirmation until we receive all necessary information, including pertinent specifications (such as drawings, art, and numbering if necessary), and a Credit Application (when applicable). If Open Account billing is desired, credit must be established prior to Confirmation of Order. The Confirmation is normally sent to you two or three working days after we receive all the necessary information. Please review it carefully, then sign and return it; faxing the confirmation is acceptable. We cannot begin producing the order until the Confirmation and artwork have been authorized and returned.  Both the Confirmation and artwork must be signed and returned.

Shipment Times

Shipment times are measured in working days from the date Express receives the Order Confirmation, not from the date the purchase order was issued. Shipment times marked on the Quotation with an asterisk (*) are for the first shipment; Express will arrange a shipping schedule with you for the remaining parts upon receipt of order. Quoted shipment times are subject to revision depending upon production workload at the time of receipt of order. The Order Confirmation will state the target shipment date for each order, assuming the Order Confirmation is approved and returned within 1 business day.

Order Changes

Changes to an order may incur added expense, whether or not an order has been confirmed. Order change charges are based on the nature and extent of the changes, and the cost of implementing them.

Expedite Fees

You may request shipment sooner than we have quoted. Depending on the nature of the requirement, the configuration of the order, and our current production workload, we will offer you one or more shipment options. Charges are based on many factors, including overtime labor rates and the amount of workflow disruption.

Cancellation of Orders

When a buyer cancels an order, Express will be compensated for expenses incurred in preparing the order, whether or not the order has been confirmed. Charges are based on the cost of materials and labor that have been used to prepare the order.

Camera-Ready Art

Camera-Ready Art is defined as art, whether physical or digital, which requires no modification. Usually some degree of modification and enhancement is desirable and is applied to the art we receive. There is no charge for this routine enhancement. However, when such modifications require a significant effort, art preparation charges will be billed at the rate of $65.00 per hour.

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