Warehouse Labels

Rack & Shelf Labels, Pallet Labels, Long-Range Labels, Hanging Placards & Warehouse FloorTags

Warehouse Labels

Barcode data collection to organize warehouses of any size

Express manufactures custom barcode warehouse labels to help warehouse, distribution, and fulfillment managers organize large storage facilities and control inventory distribution throughout the most complex supply chains. Choose retroreflective labels and ceiling-suspended placards for long-range readability, FloorTags and pallet labels for rugged durability, or multi-level magnetic rack and shelf labels for flexible inventory control.

Long Range Barcode Sign

Long-Range Barcode Placards

Hanging long-range warehouse placards scan from distances up to 50 feet. Solves challenges of difficult-to-label stock locations and are highly visible from many angles.

Multi-Level Warehouse Rack Label

Multi-Level Rack Labels

Barcoded rack labels for warehouse stock locations. Easily identify rows, bays, and aisles with these color coded labels for accurate visual reference, and eliminate confusion.

Long Range Barcode

Long-Range Barcode Labels

Solve challenges of difficult-to-label stock locations. Scan barcodes from distances up to 50 feet!

Magnetic Rack Label

Magnetic Labels

Custom magnetic labels for shifting inventory allow you to easily re-locate inventory to different storage racks.

Aluminum Pallet Label

Pallet Labels

Permanent barcode identification for reusable pallets. Attach with adhesive or mechanical fasteners. Lasts the life of your pallets.

Color Floor Tag


Durable barcode labels for warehouse floors. Designed to withstand forklifts, pallets, and heavy loads in industrial warehouses.

Warehouse Floor Label

Barcode FloorTag™ Frames

Rugged aluminum frames protect labels from the heaviest floor traffic in both industrial and warehouse environments. Allows easy scanning from the forklift seated position.


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Custom Barcode Warehouse Labels

Industrial Warehouse Labels

Express manufactures custom barcode warehouse labels to withstand the toughest industrial environments, including prolonged exposure to UV radiation, caustic solvents & chemicals, repeated abrasion, extreme temperatures, multiple freeze / thaw cycles, and moisture & salt spray. Industrial barcode labels can be applied to any product surface, and are equiped with holes for fastening, backed with magnets for easy relocation, or backed with multi-purpose pressure-sensitive adhesive for permanent attachment. Barcode warehouse labels can easily integrate into any asset management or asset tracking system. Any linear or 2D barcode symbology can be used, including Code 39, Code 128, QR Code, and DataMatrix.

Long-Range Barcode Placards and Labels

  • Long-range barcode labels and hanging placards scan from distances of up to 50 feet and allow warehouse managers to identify product information and communicate direction in the largest warehouses. Premium retroreflective material ensures barcode scanners will read from up to 50 feet. Express can custom-design placards and signs with a projecting “L” or “V” bend to mount on a beam or post and extend into warehouse aisles. Double-sided with custom sequential numbering or lettering for wayfinding, directional signage, and location identification. Also useful for directional signage above docks or doors to identify shipping and receiving lanes, business names, and dock hours.

Multi-Level Rack and Shelf Labels

  • Multi-level barcode rack and shelf labels are an easy way to identify warehouse aisles, rows, bays, and racks on one placard. Multi-level labels are an efficient way to visually organize aisles and convey general storage information.

Magnetic Warehouse Labels

  • Magnetic barcode labels are a smart identification solution because warehouse managers can easily move them to track shifting inventory. Magnetic labels can be reused, and repurposed countless times for various inventory locations.

Barcode Pallet Labels

  • Pallet labels are a durable enough to track pallets as they move throughout warehouses and supply chains. Aluminum pallet labels are durable enough to withstand scratches from forklifts and any abuse throughout transportation. Polyester pallet labels are a more economical solution that can easily identify pallets, totes, and bins.


  • Barcode FloorTags are a rugged identification solution for warehouse and distribution center floors. All Express FloorTags are durable enough to withstand years of heavy forklift, vehicle, and foot traffic.

Custom Warehouse Labels

How to design custom warehouse labels?

  • The easiest way to design custom warehouse labels is through our Universal Designer, where you can specify every label element, including size, text, logo, background, corner radius, hole diameter and placement, and data sequence. You may also submit an engineered drawing or call to speak with one of our design specialists. Our design team and 30+ years of industry experience allow Express to evaluate business needs and develop lasting identification solutions for large-scale deployment.

How much do custom warehouse labels cost?

  • The minimum order cost for custom warehouse labels is $300. Higher-volume orders significantly reduce the per-unit cost of custom warehouse labels. Since all labels are fully-custom, the exact price depends on the label material, size, and quantity.

Why should I use a custom warehouse label provider?

  • With decades of custom label manufacturing experience, Express has honed its ability to understand unique customer requirements and applications, manage complex data sequences, parse complex engineered drawings, satisfy the strictest tolerances, manage multiple shipment dates and locations, and deliver on the tightest deadlines. All these factors make Express a premier manufacturer and a leader in the industrial identification industry.

Some of our Satisfied Customers

Customer Comments

I just wanted to let you know that the labels arrived in a timely manner and they looked great! I just wanted to express my thanks to you for the outstanding job that you did in making things happen in such a short window.

—Robert H.

Thank you for the outstanding service.

—Connie H.

Previous supplier really bungled our UID Label order. You guys got it right and delivered in one day. Wow! Thanks a million.

—Jeff P.

I’m so happy I never have to deal with [REDACTED] again! You guys are awesome!

—Pam S.

You guys have been doing an excellent job. Thank you for the services you have been providing us.

—Lionel R.

I am impressed! Thanks for the fast service.

—Jason D.

We will let you know if we ever need anything else.  Ya'll have been great!

—Jennifer D.

We got the labels and everyone here really likes the quality and appearance of them.  I'm working on another order for you of the UID labels and will have that data out next week.  Thanks!

—Greg H.

I have to say you are all so easy to deal with at Express, it really is a pleasure doing business with you!!!

—Sandy L.

We are extremely pleased with our order.  You blew us away with your quick, reliable service and will be our only source for UIDs in the future.

—David W.

The label looks amazing.  Thank you for taking the time to meet our requirements and provide the sample labels quickly.  My manager was impressed with how quickly you provided a sample via email.  We look forward to working with you to meet our asset tag needs.

—Tonya C.

I just want to say how nice they [the tags] look, how well they were packaged, how appreciative I am that you got them to us in time and communicated with me during this order.  Thank you so much!

—Linda G.

Thank you so much for processing our ID plates so quickly and getting them shipped earlier than projected!  I am sincerely grateful for your efforts with this and providing us the items in a timely manner.  Looking forward to doing business again in the near future.

—Mary R.

All,  I just did a rush sticker job.  Great vendor to work with and very good prices, fast at quotes and helping you with difficult customers.  Use EXPRESS.

—Meghan G. [in an email to her peers]

We have totally redesigned the Express Label Designer, Effective June , 2018. If you are looking for a design that isn't shown, please call 858-549-9828 so that we may assist you.