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Parking & Access

Vehicle hang tags for parking and access control

Custom Vehicle Hang Tags

Express manufactures custom rear-view mirror hang tags for effective parking management, access control, and security enforcement. HOAs, events, private clubs, and universities rely on Express' hang tags for effective parking and access control. Affix to any vehicle's rearview mirror for reliable identification.

Vehicle Hang Tags for Parking & Access Control

  • Rear-view Mirror Tags are an optimal choice for access control in parking lots, gated communities, universities, corporate offices, and anywhere vehicles come and go. Express can incorporate any barcode symbology for reliable tracking and identification. The barcode, logo, and text are custom printed on thick polycarbonate for durability and rigidity. Industry-leading polycarbonate hang tags are thicker, colorful, and more resilient than others on the market. Vehicle hang tags are tested to last years, even when exposed to extreme heat and extended UV exposure. Hang tags can easily transfer to other vehicles for reuse.
  • Tag simply hangs from the rear-view mirror, making it perfect for temporary access control applications when you need to avoid permanent windshield attachment.