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  • Durable .005 anodized aluminum with a subsurface image has an estimated 20 year outdoor exposure lifetime. This tag is commonly used for outdoor labeling, or for labeling in harsh environments with exposure to weather, chemicals, heat or cold.

    Anodized Aluminium

  • Polyester labels with a crisp and attractive second-surface image printed on underside allowing the .003" thick material to provide long-term durability. Extremely versatile for use in moderatley abusive environments. Permanent pressure sensifive adhesive backing.


  • Polyester with the attractive metalized appearance of aluminum. Surface printed and coated with a clear protective finish. .002" thick with permanent adhesive backing. Best for use where extreme durability is not required.

    Metalized Poly

  • Economical vinyl asset tags offer dependable asset identification for light indoor usage where abuse is mild. Vinyl is flexible and suitable for a number of surfaces, including difficult to label irregular surfaces. As low as .16 each.


  • If the label is removed a repeating pattern of the word "VOID" is left behind on the surface of the labeled article. The "VOID" pattern is also evident on the removed label, eliminating the possibility of re-use. Low-profile .002” thick, the clear polyester surface provides the durability to withstand moderate abrasion and cleaning.

    Void Indicating

  • Designed to break apart if removal is attempted, making it impossible to remove in one piece. This label is made from .002” white vinyl with a premium acrylic adhesive designed to permanently bond to the surface until attempted removal.


If your sequence is not a simple straight sequence beginning with number you have input please provide numbering data file

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  • Purchase Asset Tags and labels that last the life of your assets. A variety of materials to choose from provide optimum choice to meet your needs depending on durability and cost requirements.
  • Choose Second‐Surface Polyester Asset Tags for rugged performance and moderate cost. The image is printed on the underside of the rugged polyester material.
  • Outstanding 3M brand industrial adhesives on the back of all labels and tags provide truly permanent attachment to virtually all surfaces.
  • Choose Metalized Polyester Asset Labels for attractive appearance and good service in indoor use.
  • Exceptional readability of barcode on all barcoded Asset Tags.
  • Choose Vinyl Asset Labels for best economy.
  • Trusted by thousands of Business and Government entities worldwide since 1984.
  • You can produce custom designs online and order for shipment next day. Various specialty options available including virtually any size
  • Choose exceptional durability of anodized aluminum asset tags for extreme durability. The image of this asset tag is embedded within the surface of the aluminum.


The label looks amazing.  Thank you for taking the time to meet our requirements and provide the sample labels quickly.  My manager was impressed with how quickly you provided a sample via email.  We look forward to working with you to meet our asset tag needs.

Tonya C.

When looking for a new vendor for labels, I reached to to Express and they were very knowledgeable and helpful. After waiting for days from a large company, these guys had fast turnarounds for quotes, and the pricing was better than the mighty conglomerate that had me waiting.
Evan was very helpful and always available when I had a question. Great service you guys!

Thom H. – AccraFab

I have to say you are all so easy to deal with at Express, it really is a pleasure doing business with you!!!

Sandy L.

I just wanted to let you know that the labels arrived in a timely manner and they looked great! I just wanted to express my thanks to you for the outstanding job that you did in making things happen in such a short window.

Robert H.

Requested a quote for product information and pricing and received a response the same day. Not too often that same day responses are provided from vendors, especially for the type of request that was put through. Good stuff and will keep in the file for a Go-To company.

Mike O.

We have been buying stainless steel barcode plates from Express for over 10 years. Excellent quality and delivery!

Mike D. – Teklogix

Thank you so much for processing our ID plates so quickly and getting them shipped earlier than projected!  I am sincerely grateful for your efforts with this and providing us the items in a timely manner.  Looking forward to doing business again in the near future.

Mary R.

I just want to say how nice they [the tags] look, how well they were packaged, how appreciative I am that you got them to us in time and communicated with me during this order.  Thank you so much!

Linda G.

We will let you know if we ever need anything else.  Ya’ll have been great!

Jennifer D.

I am impressed! Thanks for the fast service.

Jason D.

We got the labels and everyone here really likes the quality and appearance of them.  I’m working on another order for you of the UID labels and will have that data out next week.  Thanks!

Greg H.

We are extremely pleased with our order.  You blew us away with your quick, reliable service and will be our only source for UIDs in the future.

David W.

We have used Express a number of times and the quality and service CANNOT be beat! Everyone works hard to ensure your order is correct and on time (if not early)! I cannot say enough good things about them!

Darryl M.

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