Cable Labels

Outstanding Barcode Readability

Express barcodes feature outstanding readability. Decades of experience has made us experts at producing exceptional barcode products.

Color Coding

Labels may be color coded to meet your requirements.

Made in USA

Express products are manufactured at our facility in San Diego California. DFARS compliance can be certified including raw material source certification.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. View our Guarantee that can be found at link in the footer of this page.

  • Protective self-overlaminating design
  • Fits all cable sizes
  • Custom design
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Cable Labels for Cable Identification and Management

Custom designed cable labels are self-laminating and are designed to wrap around your cables once and then wrap again so that you are provided durable effective protection of the barcode. These labels provide effective organization and tracking of cables in field use and also optimize item management in storage. The labels are Barcoded and if you wish color coded and may even include custom graphics if you desire,

Outstanding barcode readability is is an important feature that delivers quick, effective and accurate data collection and cable identification.

Label Design

Advanced self-laminating design.

  • Sized appropriately to your specific cable diameter.
  • Fastest turnaround on your custom labels.
  • Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed.

The most flexible barcode for complete cable identification.

Our unique self-laminating design makes it easy to track all cables and wires end-to-end.

Our cable labels are made from durable, clear .0038” thick vinyl  with a clear vinyl “tail” designed to wrap around cable and overlaminate the printed area to provide additional protection. The result is a durable label that resists abrasion, mild cleaners, oil, and water.

Cable Diameter Determines Label Wrap Dimension

Appropriate size for label height is determined by cable diameter but the cross-dimension can be selected to meet your needs.

The most flexible solution for cable identification.

View the Specification sheet describing label construction and sizing in the DOCUMENTS tab on this screen.

Label Details

  • Self-laminating
  • Flexible design
  • Outstanding durability
  • Custom design

Typical Uses

  • Film production
  • Rental equipment
  • Event cable control
  • Power supply cables
  • Lighting cables
  • Computer and electronic cables
  • Data center cable management
  • Clear Vinyl Sized to match your cable diameter