Blank Metal Tags

Custom Configurations

Tags are available in any size or shape with numerous material thicknesses to choose from. Available with rivet holes for mechanical attachment or with adhesive backing - or with both.


Available in Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Brass,


Black anodized aluminum is most common for laser engraving but other color options are available as well as natural metal finish.

Prompt Delivery

Our exceptional turnaround times deliver you custom tags when needed.

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Metal Tags for On-Site Engraving

Mark metal tags for engraving at your facility. Your laser engraving equipment or conventional rotary engraving machines or die stamps can produce attractive finished parts. Complete customization is available. Any size or shape or thickness you require. These tags provide attractive appearance and outstanding durability and provide an excellent solution when your data management requirements prohibit you from purchasing  needed finished tags in advance of your on demand require. Finished and ready to mark at time of your need.

Ways to Attach you Tags

Purchase tags with rivet holes for mechanical attachment or with permanent pressure sensitive adhesive backing. Or they can be produced with both methods for attachment.

Engraved Tag Materials

Choose from three different materials.


Use laser or rotary engraver to remove (ablate) the anodized color and reveal the natural aluminum base for contrast.

Stainless Steel

Use fiber lasers to anneal black mark on these tags or stamp with conventional stamping tools.


For stamping or laser marking.


Express engravable tags provide years of service in even the most demanding environments.

  • Aluminum Black or other color. .003" thick through .040" thick.
  • Steel Various thicknesses available.
  • Brass Solid Brass .020" thick or .030" thick.