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August 30, 2018 06:08 AM

RFID is really expensive... right? Wrong!

In the early years, RFID transponders were expensive, and some of them still are today. But, not all! We are pleased to introduce our LP-740 and LP-1000 polyester RFID tags at a price AS LOW AS 19¢ each!, including the Express 3-in-1 RFID feature.

By now you have almost certainly heard of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), and may be wondering whether or not it is for you. Why do people use it? When is it better than a barcode? What are its limitations?

We would be pleased to help you evaluate your situation to determine whether RFID would be right for you and, if so, which tag is best for your situation.

In a nutshell, RFID can be leveraged in the following situations, vs. barcodes:


RFID Barcodes
Many RFID tags can be scanned at a time Scanning is one at a time
Tags do not require line of site for scanning Line of site scanning is required
Systems can be set to scan automatically when items pass through a portal Items are generally scanned by a person, though scanning stations can be set up on a production/processing line.
Information in the tag has the option of being changed/updated over time Encoded information is set for life
Environmental factors or "noise" e.g., metals, radio waves, etc., can diminish RFID read ranges Barcodes are nearly impervious to environmental factors


The Express 3-in-1 RFID feature can ease the transition to RFID for your organization - it does not need to be put in place all at once.


We offer all three - a traditional barcode, human readable information and RFID, all encoded the same - on any of our RFID tags. This feature has numerous benefits:

  • Tags are RFID-enabled, for users who have RFID Readers
  • The traditional barcode matches, for locations not yet RFID-equipped, easing your implementation timeline and potentially reducing your full implementation cost
  • And, there is Human Readable for when a reader is not available, or fails.

Give us a call today at 858-549-9828. We are ready to help you grow your business!

Express - Identification Made Simple