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RFID Implementation

RFID Implementation

RFID Implementation

We know we have the easy part of your asset management system project … Express can provide almost any barcode or RFID tag that you may need. You, on the other hand, need to make a system decision, buy it, and then tailor it to meet your requirements.

To help make this process easier for you, we are pleased to announce a new partnership with InformaTrac, a software company specializing in traceability and location management integrated with the latest RFID and Barcode technologies. And, InformaTrac is in full agreement with the Express philosophy of IDENTIFICATION MADE SIMPLE.

With this new partnership, you will find a variety of out-of-the-box traceability solutions for different industries, each with their own unique challenges. Click on the following links to learn more:

And don’t forget as you transition to your new system, that Express RFID tags are available with the Express 3-in-1 Feature:

basic RFID item

We offer all three – a traditional barcode, human readable information and RFID, all encoded the same – on any of our RFID tags. This feature has numerous benefits:

  • Tags are RFID-enabled, for users who have RFID Readers
  • The traditional barcode matches, for locations not yet RFID-equipped, easing your implementation timeline and potentially reducing your full implementation cost
  • And, there is Human Readable for when a reader is not available, or fails.

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