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Shipboard & Marine

Identification solutions for shipboard & marine operators

Barcode Labels, Nameplates and Placards for Shipboard & Marine Environments

Shipboard & Marine Identification Labels

Weatherproof legend plates, labels and identification panels for use in marine environments. Corrosion resistant materials including engraved plastic, stainless steel, brass, and polycarbonate. Custom labels, tags, signage designed to meet your specific needs.Shipboard & marine operators worldwide trust Express when it comes to durable identification solutions.

All barcode identification products withstand the demands of the shipboard and marine environment, including prolonged exposure to moisture, salt spray, UV radiation, caustic chemicals, extreme temperatures, abrasion, and other environmental challenges. All barcode tags, labels, and nameplates are designed to last the life of the underlying assets and equipment. Human-readable, barcode, and data matrix identification allow you to track assets and collect data with confidence in the harshest marine conditions.

Barcode Identification Solutions

  • Barcode Labels for the Field or Yard
  • Asset Tracking and General Asset Management Products for the Office
  • Warehouse Management Solutions
  • Parking & Access Control

Quality Guaranteed

Image for 21 Point Inspection Every Order  21 Point Inspection Every Order
Image for Every Barcode Validated for Accuracy  Every Barcode Validated for Accuracy
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Image for ISO 9001 Certified  ISO 9001 Certified
Unparalleled quality is our hallmark. Based upon decades of experience, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution and supported by our ISO 9001 l 2015 Quality certification. Every project and every order we produce receives a level Quality oversight that guarantees the highest standards are achieved. Because our products affect your efficiency we take great care to produce precise and durable barcode labels with exceptional read rates.

Fastest Turnaround Times

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Express excels at quick turnaround on jobs both large and small. We are proud to maintain the fastest turnaround times in our industry. We are the trusted partner to business for whom timeliness is critical and we consistently meet the most demanding requirements for quick delivery on custom products we manufacture.

Exceptional Customer Service

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Image for Driving Business Efficiency  Driving Business Efficiency
For over 35 years, we have helped thousands of businesses increase efficiency through accurate identification and data capture throughout worldwide operations. Our product engineers will assist you to determine the right solution for your situation across your range of requirements. Knowledgeable support, speedy service, and solutions that work. You can depend on Express to support your needs.

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