Warehousing Industry

Identification Products

Barcode data collection for warehouses

Express is a leading manufacturer of durable identification products for warehouses and storage facilities.

Barcode identification products bring order to the largest and most complex warehouses. Choose from a variety of products to identify your aisles, rows, bays, racks, and various storage locations.

All labels, tags, and placards are custom-designed to your specific warehousing needs, with guaranteed data integrity and read-rates that do not degrade over time. Human-readable, barcode, and data matrix identification allow you to track inventory and collect data with confidence.

Proven Warehouse Identification Solutions

  • Color-Coded, Multi-Level, and Directional Indicators
  • Adhesive-Backed for Permanent Locations, or Magnetic-Backed for Relocation
  • Long-Range Hanging Placards with Retroreflective Readability
  • Industrial Durability
  • Prompt Delivery

Some of our Satisfied Customers

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