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Rugged RFID Product Line

Rugged RFID Product Line

Rugged RFID Product Line

Rugged RFIDTM Product Line

Advances in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology are increasing at a rapid rate. Nearly all companies that rely on asset management to efficiently run the business must pay attention to the opportunities of RFID to maintain their competitive position. Read More

At Express, we continue to innovate our line of identification products to bring our customers tags for every environment. Considering that not all tags and labels are made the same, we have brought our concept of high durability to our RFID line. The Express Rugged RFIDTM tags can withstand almost any environmental pressures you demand.

APIGeneral Purpose – Interior
API JrGeneral Purpose – Interior – Small Footprint

In addition, our three-in-one design concept goes much further than a basic RFID item. Our RFID tags convey information in three distinct manners:

basic RFID item
  • RFID technology for scanning with radio scanners
  • Standard 1D or 2D barcode symbologies for scanning with standard scanners and imagers
  • Human readable numbering to provide a quick visual reference if a scanner is unavailable

Why is this important to you?

  • Eases transition for companies moving to RFID – you don’t need a full complement of equipment in each location
  • Fault tolerant – if an RFID or Barcode reader fails, there are other ways to get the same information
  • Your equipment investments can match the workplace demands
    • High volume, multi-item scan locations use RFID
    • Lower volume, line-of-site scan locations use Barcodes
    • Office users who don’t have scanners can simply read the labels

Not sure how to take the next step into the newest automatic identification technology and bring an infinite amount of efficiency into your organization? 

Get in touch with Express today and we will help you take your asset management program to the cutting edge of what is possible.

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