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The Complete Guide to Nameplates, Data Plates & Rating Plates

The Complete Guide to Nameplates, Data Plates & Rating Plates

The Complete Guide to Nameplates, Data Plates & Rating Plates

Durable Industrial Nameplates

Express is a full-service manufacturer of custom industrial nameplates, data plates, rating plates, and tags. All industrial nameplates are engineered to identify your brand and communicate essential product information in the harshest natural and industrial environments. Choose from aluminum, stainless steel, brass, polycarbonate, or vinyl for lifetime identification in any environment. All Express nameplates are manufactured in the USA, custom-designed, and produced in-house through our complementary processes, including chemical etching, laser etching, sub-surface printing, screen printing, and digital printing.

Industrial metal and plastic nameplates play a critical role in communicating vital information to end users, including company brand, product information, serial numbers, safety and hazard warnings, operating instructions, maintenance records, and barcoded equipment data. All metal and plastic nameplates are designed to withstand the harshest natural and industrial environments and last the life of your part.

  • Express manufactures custom metal nameplates and data plates for ultimate durability against extended outdoor exposure, extreme temperatures, chemical exposure, and cleaning processes. Industrial nameplates are designed to meet many Department of Defense standards, aerospace specifications, and related industry standards. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities ensure reduced lead times and minimal tooling charges, while our Design Team ensures conformance to your exact specifications.
  • Express has a wide range of materials, technologies, and processes to produce attractive and durable nameplates for your identification needs. Express can chemically etch, laser etch, and print industrial nameplates on any material – stainless steel, aluminum, brass, polycarbonate, ceramic, vinyl, and plastic.

How to design custom industrial nameplates?

  • The easiest way to design custom industrial nameplates is through our Universal Designer, where you can specify every nameplate element, including size, text, logo, background, corner radius, hole diameter and placement, and data sequence. You may also submit an engineered drawing or call to speak with one of our design specialists. Our design team and 30+ years of industry experience allow Express to evaluate business needs and develop lasting identification solutions for large-scale deployment.

How much do custom industrial nameplates cost?

  • The minimum order cost for custom industrial nameplates is $300. Higher-volume orders significantly reduce the per-unit cost. Since all nameplates are fully-custom, the exact price depends on the label material, size, and quantity.

Why should I use a custom nameplate provider?

  • With decades of experience manufacturing custom nameplates, Express has honed its ability to understand unique customer requirements and applications, manage complex data sequences, parse complex engineered drawings, satisfy the strictest tolerances, manage multiple shipment dates and locations, and deliver on the tightest deadlines. All these factors make Express a premier manufacturer and a leader in the industrial identification industry.