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Warehouse Labeling

Identification products for the warehousing industry including barcoded warehouse rack and shelf labels, pallet labels, warehouse aisle labels, location labels and more. Site access tags, wayfinding signage and general asset tagging. Custom labels, tags, signage designed to meet your specific needs.

Warehouse and inventory managers worldwide trust Express when it comes to organizing their warehouse aisles, racks, bays, and bins.

Simple identification solutions for the largest and most complex warehouses.

Barcode Label Solutions

  • Rack & Shelf Labels
  • Long-Range Labels with Retro-Reflective Readability
  • FloorTags™ and Pallet Labels
  • Directional Indicators, Wayfinding Placards and Signs
  • Instruction, Safety, and Warning Labels

Warehouse Identification Solutions

When opening or redesigning a warehouse, it is critical to focus on layout, storage system selection and labeling. Warehouse labeling is a key element of warehouse design that is often overlooked by warehouses and distribution managers. Those who implement a proper labeling system realize significant cost savings in terms of increased efficiency and complete inventory transparency. Some of the main considerations when labeling your warehouse include barcode scheme, label materials, label placement and supporting technologies.

Standard Warehouse Terminology

  • Section or Zone – an area of the warehouse that is distinctly different from another (e.g., frozen goods vs. dry goods).
  • Aisle – the walking space between warehouse racks. Each aisle should be identified with a number.
  • Rack / Bay- large sections of shelving units that span one side of an aisle. Assign numbers to the racks with odd numbers on one side and even numbers on the other side.
  • Level / Shelf – the storage space spanning vertically on a rack. Start with 01 on the bottom, that way you don’t have to re-label if you add more shelves to the top of the rack.
  • Bin – a storage container within a location that contains one or more spaces for product. A bin is usually the most specific warehouse location.
  • Location – a designated, labeled area in a warehouse where a picker goes to retrieve a product. Locations are typically identified with a series of alphanumeric barcodes that pickers scan to ensure they have the right product, quantity, and location.

Warehouse Best Practices

  • Number warehouse shelves from the ground up so you do not have to relabel your shelves as you grow and add height to your shelves.
  • When using alphanumeric locations, use a zero before all numbers less than ten to allow barcode scanners to read the locations alphanumerically (i.e., 01, 02, 03, 04, etc.)
  • Be consistent throughout the entire warehouse. Consistent numbering, color, size, and format of your labeling will go a long way to keep your system organized.

Rack Labeling

  • The two most common ways to label racks are serpentine and standard. A serpentine labeling system allows a picker to weave (like a snake) up and down warehouse aisles and collect products. This labeling system is highly efficient because it allows pickers to manage several orders without having to double back as they move down the pick list. A standard labeling system resets the rack labels at the end of each rack, which is often less efficient because pickers cannot weave through warehouse racks.

Shelf Labeling

  • Most shelf locations are identified by the following elements: aisle – unit – shelf – bin.
  • Shelf numbering within a unit should also be standardized (counting from 1 until the end of the shelf), so that when a picker is looking for bin #4, it will always be in the same place, regardless of which shelf it is on.

Warehouse Labeling Tips

  • Warehouse labels should be durable and fixed in place. Magnetic labels are fine if you anticipate re-shelving or shifting inventory.
  • Labels should be easy to read by humans and barcode scanners, preferably from a distance.
  • Use color-coded labels to identify warehouse locations and make it easier for pickers to navigate the warehouse.
  • Affix labels so as not to obstruct normal activity or get damaged or removed.
  • Display all location elements on the label. No two labels should be the same.
  • Use arrows that point to the correct aisle, rack, shelf, or bin location.

Rack & Shelf Labels

  • Easily identify rows, bays, and aisles with these effective color coded labels for accurate visual reference and optimum efficiency. Choose the colors that match your company’s color scheme and eliminate confusion when pulling or placing stock. Once installed, labels will perform through extended use and abuse. Overlaminate increases label durability and protects from scuffing and abrasion for years of dependable service.
  • Labels are made of premium vinyl, polyester, or other material depending on your need. Labels are usually backed with premium permanent pressure sensitive adhesive to adhere to a variety of surfaces, including bare metal or painted racking. Also available with magnetic backing, if desired. We can produce virtually any custom size to accommodate single, two-bay, four-bay, six-bay or larger racking systems.

Long-Range Labels with Retro-Reflective Readability

  • Easily read from ground-level or while seated on a forklift.
  • Manufactured with specially formulated vinyl material containing multiple layers of micro-prismatic glass beads encapsulated within the material surface. These glass beads create a lens structure that receives, then amplifies the reflected strength of a barcode scanner beam, returning an enhanced signal to scanner, enabling high performance reading. Light enters each formed bead and reflects between three surfaces before emitting in a path directed back in the direction from which it came. These labels perform exceptionally well from extreme distances and varied angles.
  • Adhesive-backed
  • Hanging
  • Custom Configurations

FloorTags™ and FloorTag™ Frames

  • Identify warehouse locations where rack mounts are not feasible.
  • Withstands warehouse floor traffic.
  • Label protection to withstand heavy floor traffic in industrial and warehouse environments.
  • Ample label size provides increased efficiency by allowing scanning from the forklift seated position.
  • Interchangable barcode labels facilitate quick and easy change-outs.
  • The proven solution for identifying difficult to label locations.

Pallet Labels

  • Barcode labels in economical polyester or high-durability aluminum.
  • Extra-durable RFID Tags.


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