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Metal Asset Tags

Metal Asset Tag

Metal asset tags provide reliable identification of your assets. They are constructed with anodized aluminum with a sub-surface image for the ultimate in durability. Design and purchase online today choosing from a variety of sizes, layouts and colors and. Or if your needs are unusual and not represented in our on-line selection, contact us for complete customization of your asset tags. Virtually any size or design is available. Whether barcoded or not, sequentially numbered these property tags facilitate reliable tracking of your assets. Express assists businesses worldwide in their need to obtain identification solutions. 

Since 1984, Express has manufactured property tags for clear and concise property identification in all environments, particulary harsh and demanding environments. Our barcode tags and labels are recognized for eceptional readability and durability and our turn-around times are extraordinary.




All tags backed with Premium 3M Permanent Acrylic Adhesive.


An economical solution for indoor labeling.

Metalized Polyester

An attractive and economical barcode solution. The metallic shine increases readability and makes the label easy to find.

Sub-Surface Polyester

A balance of economy and durability. Barcodes and images are reverse-printed on the underside of clear polyester, which creates a protective barrier to scratches and abuse.

Surface Print Aluminum

A durable and practical identification solution. Images are screen-printed onto the aluminum surface for long-lasting indoor and outdoor identification.

Sub-Surface Print Aluminum

Our most durable barcode label. Barcodes and images are sealed within the anodic layer of the aluminum. Durable enough to resist chemicals, abrasion, UV exposure, and more.

Wide Variety

We offer the widest variety of materials in the industry, ensuring we have the perfect option for your application, whether indoor or outdoor use, high or low abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, and more!

Custom Design

All products are fully-custom – specify your label size, material, adhesive, logo, artwork, barcode type, and barcode sequence.

Design Team

Difficult design? Need help with a logo? Express’ experienced design team will design your custom tag. You’ll have the change to approve your proof before production starts.

Fully Custom

Hardly any products are outside Express’ capabilities. If you don’t see the product or material you need, contact us – chances are we can produce to your specifications.

Unlimited Applications

Customers use our barcode labels for a variety of uses, including brand identification, asset tracking, theft deterrence, directional control, and signage. Browse our industry categories for insight into the companies we partner with and how they apply our barcode labels.

Unlimited Options

Ceramic coating, Teflon coating, protective over laminate, custom presentation – we tailor our production to suit your needs.

Extended Exposure

Salt spray, caustic chemicals, extended UV exposure, repeated abrasion – our barcode labels handle it all.

Attachment Methods

Premium 3M adhesives, holes for rivets/screws, or magnetic-backed for easy re-location.

Asset Tracking

Track assets, manage inventory, identify products, and promote your brand – it’s much easier with barcodes.

Data Management

Managing different data sequences throughout multiple locations is no small undertaking. Express’ customer support manages your numbering system, so reordering is as easy as “continue the sequence.”

Durable Materials

We always use the best materials for your intended use. Dozens of specialty materials are available to match unique applications, including stainless steel, ceramic coating, Teflon coating, Tesa, magnetic material, and more!

Premium Adhesives

We only use the best 3M adhesives. With over 30+ adhesives to choose from, our labels can stick to any surface.


Not sure which custom option is best for you? Our identification experts are here to help! Contact use for a free consultation and quote.

Customer Support

We take pride in offering complete customer support. If something is not right, we’ll fix it. Contact us to experience the difference!